June 15, 2022 | 

Art Direction

Finish Line Wellness

Working with the stakeholders of a project to create an aesthetically pleasing and modern environment. Designing logo, collaterals, interior, and exterior signage, banners, large-scale mural and paintings, and wayfindings. Executed and directed interior design and overall functionality of the space.

  • Client: Finish Line Wellness
    NFL Champion Ben Utech, Boxing Champion Dr. James Midboe
  • Job: Space development, Branding
  • Location: Treasure Island Center
  • Website:

Designed and branded Finish Line Wellness (FLW) Center, dedicated to helping patients achieve their wellness goals. FLW offers related wellness programs that cover weight loss, detox, food sensitivities, organ and gland function, as well as providing the protocols in place for our Microcurrent (e-stim) and Manual Therapy (massage, deep tissue release, muscle stripping) to help alleviate muscular pain and trauma.